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A-Z Creatures Children's Language Learning Bilingual Book

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A-Z Creatures Children's Language Learning Bilingual Book

Start becoming bilingual with the ABC Children's language learning book. Today, choose to learn a second language with English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese!

Welcome to A-Z Creatures, the first book in our Conversimals series of Children's language learning books where you and your child will learn hundreds of words in two other languages of your choice.

Kids love our first children's book, which took us over a year to complete, proof that we put lots of love into this book! Dive into the world of Sebastian and Luana as they adventure to learn a new language in this beautifully illustrated bilingual kids' book! Perfect to be read aloud and practice your language learning anywhere.

What's in your book:

  • 32 pages of full-color illustrations
  • Learn how to pronounce your A, B, C's in two languages
  • Hardcover, Softcover, and eBook options for every budget
  • Become bilingual and Learn English with French, Portuguese, or Spanish
  • Printed books are Landscape orientation and 11" wide X 8.5" high (28 cm x 22 cm)
  • eBooks are suitable for all of your devices but formatted specifically for the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle

    Written for everyone from babies learning their first words to toddlers starting to assemble phrases to adults wanting to learn their next foreign language. Follow along the story of A-Z Creatures with Sebastian and Luana as they search for their next work in a fun and engaging way to learn hundreds of words in our bilingual books.

    Build your bilingual family with our children's books!

    This book contains the resources that our bilingual family has used to start on our first word, to learn hundreds of meanings and the details of listening, learning, and sounds that kept us interested as adults and our kids as they grow through the ages.

    Beautiful illustrations to keep you, your baby, and your toddler interested!

    As parents, we read a lot of books, but many are limited to just pictures and simple stories. Kids get bored, and reading becomes repetitive. As parents, we decided that when we read books every night before bed, we also wanted to teach our children.

    Learn a foreign language, ABCs, animals, and phrases!

    When you purchase your language learners children's books, we want you to be well-rounded, so you can start with the simple ABCs, learning how to pronounce each letter, then teach your children.

    Whether your foreign language is English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese, you have everything you need to take your foreign language to a familiar one with this book! You and your child will grasp languages very quickly.

    As a parent, your child depends on you to walk them through language learning, identify the right word to use, and understand the story they are telling in their new language.

    Our books are available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, making them perfect for language learners of every age!

    A-Z Creatures makes it easy to see the difference in languages and compare the order, making it easy for you, the reader, to learn how to use the correct order with your new foreign language.

    Reading A-Z Creatures is an easy and fun to tell your child a bedtime story while being a great addition to your children's books collection. With colorfully illustrated pages filled with animals and words to learn, your child can go on the search to find their new language.

    Expand your knowledge with helpful tips on pronunciation to help bilingual families from every country. This is truly a children's book that your child wants and needs.

    Italian, Mandarin, and German languages are coming soon!

    We hope to teach the whole world with our books and ensure that each of our bilingual books helps families learn other languages and even fine-tune their second language. Our bilingual books have even helped our own family as we went on a search to find our second language.

    Growing up, language learning was confined to school, and although we loved learning languages, we didn't get much time to dive into our new languages. Not when we had to share time with history, math, art, and other classes. School always left us wanting more, and learning alone is no fun! We wrote and illustrated this book to ensure that language learners can enjoy their second language anywhere.

    Frequently asked questions about our children's language book:

    What age range is this language book for?

    We wrote this book for our entire family to learn each other's languages and share that learning experience with our children. Although most Children's Books are typically 0-8 years old, we still learn when we're well into our 100's, so this book is for everyone!

    A-Z Creatures is meant to aid language acquisition for all of its readers irrespective of their age and is a great start for anyone looking to begin their language learning journey.

    When should I buy this book?

    Our books are fantastic presents for your own family, your extended family, or to score major brownie points with your friends. If you're like us, Aunts and Uncles aren't just for people in our family tree; they're also friends. Extraordinary for Birthday presents, Christmas presents, Hannukah presents, Baby showers, Baptisms, and any other occasion.

    The perfect present for a child and other language learners in your family. Language teachers at any grade level can use this as a learning tool. Learning is always a great gift!

    What do I learn from this book?

    A-Z Creatures from our Conversimals series teaches you hundreds of words in two languages and how to pronounce your A, B, C's in both languages. Language learners love this book as it combines your first language with a foreign language to help with your reading, writing, and speaking.